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November 24, 2022  


Below is a detailed explanation of our discovery. 

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Our discovery will allow us to manufacture Malware Secure Computers which do not need to use Detection Software, Encryption, AI or Analytics, in order to SAFELY:

  • open Malware infected web sites

  • open Malware infected emails

  • open Malware infected email attachments - which are text based, such as Word, PDF and SQL or Oracle data base tables and several others

  • view Malware infected video streaming

  • view Malware infected pictures

  • and more in development

The above is certainly contrary to current Cyber Security thinking.  However, the enabling technology has been proven in our lab.

For us "it is perfectly safe" to have a Malware file located in our input stage, including any yet to be discovered Malware which would normally would bypass existing  detection software systems.  

The following paragraph describes a significantly important Cyber Security discovery

We discovered a new information conduit, different from fiber-optics, wire or RF.  We named this new information conduit and its support circuitry, the r-conduit.  The main advantage of the r-conduit is when an information data file (user data) is presented to the input, even if that file was malware infected, the output is "ALWAYS" no-longer-infected.  

The r-conduit has enabled a major redesign of the architecture of the input section of our computers.  The input section is where it is most common for a Malware to obtain access to your computer.

In our lab, a Malware Infected Word document was presented to the input of the r-conduit, the output was the very same Word document, except, "no longer infected".   (Please re-read this statement slowly)

Malware in, clean out - detection software, VPN, encryption, analytics or AI, was not used.

Also we have discovered a way to prevent a USB, CD or other had media introducing a Malware into our main processing and media storage section, by a malicious employee, a well intentioned employee or an on-site hacker.

The following paragraph describes a significantly important discovery, which is the reason for the new and high level of malware protection we will be able to provide.

The basic architecture of our mass storage and processing stage, for the most part has not been changed.  However, the mass storage and processing area is isolated from the input stage by the r-conduit.

Because of the new way which our r-conduit processes information files will have a significant impact on the future Malware safe usage of:  1/ desk top computers,  2/ enterprise systems,  3/ PLC,  4/  IOT,   5/ IIOT,  6/ critical infrastructure,  7/ SCADA,  8/ process control,   9/ hospital medical instrumentation 10/ industrial instrumentation 11/ and other computer applications currently under investigation.  

Our computers will be compatible with many current and heritage computers and systems.  The input stage uses a Linux based operating system and the processing stage may use any x86 operating system such as Windows.  Our computers could be thought of as two computers in one.

Once funded, our discovery will lead to ROATI Technologies Inc. being a multi-billion dollar company with its head office in Canada.  We will be a world leader in Cyber Security innovation and the manufacturer of Malware secure computer based products, for many years to into the future. 


Bank Funding Made Available,  if We Can Demonstrate Technology:

I had the fortuitous opportunity to have a meeting with a president of a major Canadian bank.   That bank president offered to fund my commercial product development for a small equity stake.  This offer is contingent upon building a Proof of Concept (PoC) computer, to demonstrate to their technical staff.


My Background:

Ralph Kachur, president of ROATI Technologies Inc., has 30+ years in electronic component technical sales, sales management, project management and was instrumental in the supply of electronic components used in three satellites, including the supply of the imaging sensor used in the European Space Agency satellite which took the first pictures from outer space of the Aurora Borealis, hovering like a crown above earths North Pole.  He speaks at conferences, has been published in the respected military technology magazine Vanguard and had been invited as a keynote speaker at the 4th World Conference on Forensic Sciences in Osaka Japan, Nov. 4-6, 2021.  

He is now focused on the development and commercialization of his design for Malware Secure Computers.


Lineage of Discovery:

My exposure to a breadth of technologies during my 30+ years, has led me to this very important discovery.  

In short, I took a computer design, no longer used in computers, married it with a technology used in a satellite project, which led to the discovery of the r-conduit principle (explained above), which rapidly led my design for Malware Secure Computers. 

September 21, 2016 I federally incorporated ROATI Technologies Inc, for the purpose of promoting this discovery which protects information data from cyber attacks.  Today I am attempting to build a Proof of Concept (PoC), to demonstrate this discovery to a president of a major bank who offered to fund the millions of dollar necessary for commercial product development. Obtaining support to build a PoC is proving to be a challenge.


Our Mission:

To developing an industry designing, manufacturing and supporting our Malware secure computers, computer based products and software to the world, while maintaining a high level of business ethics, consideration for our employees and customer, while designing into every product consideration for the climate.


Value Proposition:

In view of the over Six Trillion dollars which Cyber Attacks are forecasted to annually cost the economies of the world in 2021, computers manufactured by ROATI Technologies satisfies the international pent-up demand that business and personal desktop computers protect against a cyber attacks by a Malware Infection.  Our computers represents a realistic and major resolve to that problem and a significant economic benefit for Canada and North America.


History, Problem and Resolution:

The problem with cyber security is in the need to use "detection software" to detect the presence of a "known malware", before it infects the BIOS, UEFI or hard drive of your computer, easily spreading to others.

There are thousands of "yet to be discovered" new malware which are being unleashed every week, which can and do regularly bypass existing detection software products, such as McAfee or Norton.  Despite their valiant efforts, detection software companies simply cannot keep up to the tidal wave of new Malware coming at them, as is demonstrated by the many Cyber Attacks caused by a Malware, such as Ransomware, which we all to regularly hear about in the news.

When a new and "yet to be discovered" malware hits the cyber sphere, one can only wish for a very slow spreading of that malware on its journey toward your computer.

Currently one can only hope for:

  • a timely discovery of that new malware,
  • the detection software company you selected can find a quick and effective patch

  • a prompt update is made available to customers,

  • a timely update has been made to protect the computer which you are using to read this document.

  • All this does not occur instantly.

Cyber attacks are reportedly costing the economies of the world Trillions of dollars annually, of which Malware is the most common vehicle used for Cyber attacks.  Cyber attacks are forecasted to grow even larger in 2021 - 2023. Our newly discovered technology will put a significant dent into that forecasted cyber mayhem.

Although the established norm is to detect the presence of a malware, I have felt for several years, there just had to be a better way.

This caused my multiyear journey into researching why (why first) and how the various the parts of a computer communicate with each other and how a malware enters a system.  It was when I realized that when I married an old and not used computer principle to a technology I learned on a satellite project, which led me to the discovery of the r-conduit, which led me to a redesign of the computer and start of me computer industry.

How it works :

The ROATI system consists of "two physically isolated" and independent computers working in tandem, all contained within one housing.  The various stages communicate with each other through the r-conduit.  A computer engineer may think of it as a new method of physical virtualization.  Yes it is, however, it is a completely new way of processing user data files.

   The first stage
is the input stage where all incoming user data files and internet activity are received, "Malware infected or not".  Once received they may be presented to the r-conduit for "malware clean" processing and passing to the second stage.

Contrary to current thinking, it is perfectly safe for a malware to be present in the first stage.  The first stage is configured to 100% prevent "any" Malware from entering the main BIOS, UEFI or hard drive of our first stage.

It is in this first stage where we made a major redesign of the computers architecture and is one of several reasons for the high level of Malware safety we are able to achieve.

   The r-conduit stage
is where all information files are "safely" from the input first stage to the main processing second stage.  It is here where internet activity, video streaming, emails and user data file are all securely transferred to the second stage as "no-longer-infected", even if that file was or was not originally Malware infected, all files are all processed exactly the same.  The core operating principle of this stage will be revealed once our patent protection has been secured.

   The second stage
may be thought of as what one would consider an existing design for a PC or server, but is considerably different.  It is similar in that it is in this stage where most of our general computer processing and long term storage media are located.

For this stage we have added new security features, which includes a design to prevent an external storage media, such as a USB, CD or Wi-Fi to introduce a malware caused by a: 1/ a malicious employee,  2/ the un-intentioned but detrimental activity of a good employee doing work at home on their computer, which contains a "yet-to-be-discovered" Malware or  3/ the on premises introduction of a Malware by an onsite hacker.

   For all stages
the obtaining, loading or updating of, "malware safe software", will be controlled via our new method on how to obtain malware secure software.  Details will be released once our patent and copyright protections have been secured or will more likely be revealed as part of our product launch.  

Once trained on our new methods, IT professionals and security aware users will be able to confidently load "malware safe software and updates" and not have to worry about using the Malware infested internet.


Our plan:

We need to demonstrate proof of our new technology in order to obtain funding for commercial product development, but we first need government support to build a very basic Proof of Concept (PoC) computer.

A PoC demonstrator is in fact reasonably easy to build as it can be built using existing technologies, discrete components and existing software. But we need to hire specialized technical help.  Due to self funding for several years we are running low on funds and is where we need help. 

Our commercial production design is more complex and will require the specialized skills of low level computer hardware engineers, production engineers and software engineers.

There are four main steps:

   1/   Disclose the core secret to a trusted government employee.
Due to my need to obtain government support and because my statements are likely hard to believe, I will need to disclose the core secrets of the technology and the basics of my business plan, to a trusted government employee.  Once disclosed, the accuracy of my statements about this new technology and the considerable economic benefit for Canada will become abundantly obvious.

I am very cautions as to who I will disclose this to, mainly because of the temptation to another to gain great personal wealth and my concern for the potential loss to the Canadian economy if my secrets are improperly disclosed.  Although an NDA will need to be signed, I would prefer to only disclose my secrets to a person I have met and I am totally confident that my secrets will not be disclosed to another.  However, that person needs to be of such stature, within the government, that others will believe what that person has to say about my discoveries and innovations.   I trust you, the reader, will appreciate my caution.  However, my position is open for discussion, especially if it means moving this project forward.

   2/   Determine if the hardware can be built.

I have spent the good part of the first three years researching our component variations with Silicone Valley giants and international suppliers from India to Germany.  This has been quite the challenge as we are a new, unknown and unproven company.

It was difficult to break through their customer service firewalls in order to obtain access to senior design engineers.  However, we were finally able to get through to all the important senior engineers we needed to talk to and were able to obtain confirmation for the all the custom electronic components necessary for our unique designs.

    3/   Build a Proof of Concept server.
Some standard components have been purchased.  Certain solvable computer PCB design challenges need specialized technical design support.

I have to date:

  • proven the enabling technology in my lab,

  • confirmed standard and custom components,

  • self-funded our research and development to date,

  • plus, I have attempted to self-finance our Proof of Concept computer.

However, the cost of custom components for prototyping, circuit board design and some software development are beyond our ability to self-fund, therefore we are now facing the need for government assistance.

    4/   Demonstrate technology.
I have an independent ethical hacker who will do aggressive malware penetration testing and will document their findings on line.  Also I will request government cyber security specialists to do aggressive malware penetration testing.  Likely I will approach the Canadian Center for Cyber Security branch of the Communications Security Establishment.

As we will then be armed with "documented proof" that malware protection was actually accomplished without the need or use of virus or malware detection software, it will become obvious to all, the very high level of malware protection we will be able to provide to Canada, the world and the considerable economic benefit for Canada and North America which our Malware innovations represents.  It is at this point, that I will then make application to funding agencies for commercial product development and or sit down with the president of that major Canadian bank mentioned at the beginning of this article.



Anywhere a malicious malware can infect a computers BIOS, UEFI or hard drive, destroy data, ransom data, cause costly data misinformation or the release of sensitive personal, corporate or military information.

In short, anywhere in the world where the protection of electronic information is needed.  Which is every one of those 2.5 billion computer in the field today.


Other Malware Safe uses for the r-conduit:

Other markets currently under investigation for the r-conduit include: use in laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, instrumentation applications and others.  The major obstacle for entering these markets is the high cost for R&D to miniaturizing the r-conduit into a hybrid / integrated circuit.  Miniaturization is needed for high volume production of portable and industrial IOT products.  We just cannot afford the high cost of a hybrid R & D project at this very early stage of our corporate development, but is certainly part of our long term objectives and business plan.


Enterprise Systems:  (a special market)

The enterprise market for our NCoCC is broken down into several sub categories.

  • Air-Gap and non Air-Gap closed loop systems, will be able to use our computers as secure terminals to enable secure external input/output and or secure internet enquiry activity, which for security reasons was previously not even considered.

  • Smaller enterprise systems of 5 - 500 computers, where Malware intrusion via internet searching or emails are a major concern.

  • Protection of communication lines for Critical Infrastructure such as an electrical power grid.

  • Large companies such as financial and Insurance Institutions, where internet input is needed from customers and employees and their concern that the data information be secure and a Malware is not able to gain access into the main system.

  • Internet input to government computers such as income tax or the protection of data during elections.

Malware Secure Computers and our NCoCC based products manufactured in Canada by ROATI Technologies Inc., will significantly reduce the level of Malware infections which are inflicted upon enterprise and government systems, therefore significantly reducing the high financial costs of mitigating the damage from actual attacks.   Also, the indirect costs caused by the loss of corporate reputations, due to the public announcements requirements of the GDPR and other similar international standards.


What we Can and Cannot do:


"We cannot" prevent password stupidity.  However, that hacker will only have access to what that single user has access permission for.  By the very nature of our design, a destructive Malware just cannot get into the main processing and storage are of a computer or system.

"We may be able to prevent access to our system because of poorly protected / designed software, this area needs further investigation.

" WE  CAN " provide systems which:

  • absolutely prevent a permanent Malware from entering the BIOS, UEFI or storage media of our systems 

  • allow for the "safe" visiting of Malware infected web sites

  • allow for the "safe" opening of Malware infected emails

  • allow for the "safe" opening of Malware infected email attachment, user data files such a Word, PDF or SQL and ORACLE data base tables and many others

  • "securely" process only desirable text based scripts, while preventing undesirable text based script attacks.

  • provide a "secure" and simple to use, complex password program

  • prevent the introduction of a malware to our main processing and storage media areas by a malware infected media, such as a USB, CD or Wi-Fi.

  • when a good employee takes work to do at home and that work becomes malware infected with a new and yet-to-be-discovered Malware, which would easily bypass detection software, that now Malware infected work may be "confidently" uploaded back onto our systems, without the fear of that yet-to-be-discovered Malware being uploaded with that work into our main processing area.

  • if a hacker obtains a user password, that hacker will only have access to what that user has access permission for.  Any attempt for a Malware entry will be prevented, resulting in protection against a system wide Malware attack.  This feature has important application in enterprise systems.

  • protect data communications for  PLC, SCADA, IOT, IIOT, process control and critical infrastructure applications.

  • reliably do all the above, without the need or use of Malware detection software, Encryption, AI or Analytics,



Since we federally incorporated September 21, 2016, it has taken us a considerable amount of perseverance to reach the stage which we have been able to achieve to date.

We are on the precipice of an evolutionary shift in cyber security.  Now all we need is a feather of help to tilt us over the edge and to turn our discoveries into a significant economic benefit for Canada and North America.

With pride, I quote Winston Churchill, "we have accomplish so much, with so little".

Here is a final thought for you, while we are slow to market, because of our limited financial resourcesmuch of Canada and the worlds' Cyber space remains - under preventable attack.

I most sincerely invite you to contact me, to challenge or question the above statements or to make any suggestions you may have to offer.


Safe Computing,
Ralph Kachur,        f
ROATI Technologies Inc.

Protecting Electronic Information

Discovered, Designed, Manufactured & Supported by Canadians.


I am often asked:

How can you develop this when thousands of computer professionals
have not?

My answer is:

Gravity has been around since the very beginning of time.
It took Isaac Newton, over 300 years ago to see
the obvious.

For me the knowledge and experience gained by
30+ years in electronic components,
was helpful.


I cannot see the future, only the now
I can only hope that what I do today
will prepare me for tomorrows now.


NOTICE: The above are our declared objectives, of which we are heavily invested in attempting to achieve.  However, we would not be so heavily invested for as long as we have been, unless we felt the above to be possible and achievable; for much has already been achieved.   We now need help to turn our discoveries into a commercial reality for Canada, North America and the world.

Be advised that we are in the development stage.  Therefore, no decision of any kind should be based on the above and is subject to change without notice.

ROATI Technologies Inc.
         Malware Secure Computers
    Protecting Electronic Information


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