What if:

a major Cyber Security Discovery was made 

and nobody believed it possible ?


What if:  Someone were to build a malware secure computer, which "did not need to use detection software, encryption, AI or analytics" and no one believed it possible.

What if:  That if the core principle of this discovery had been proven in their lab.

What if:  A president of a major Canadian bank offered to fund their commercial product development for a small equity stake.  This offer being contingent upon building a simple Proof of Concept Computer to prove the core principle of this discovery. 

What if:  The one who made this major cyber security discovery, could not get the support necessary to build a simple Proof of Concept Computer.

What if:  That person who made this discovery had an exposure to a breadth of technologies during his 30 year background in electronic component technical sales and sales management, including the supply of electronic components used in three satellites circling the globe today. 

What if:  His 30 year exposure to a wide variety of electronic technologies enabled this discovery, which in turn enabled the development of a "New Class of Computer Component" (NCoCC).

What if:   When either a Malware infected or a clean user data file, such as Word or PDF were presented to the input of the NCoCC, the output was "always no-longer-infected".

What if:  The NCoCC had significant application for the Malware Security of data communications for IOT, IIOT, Critical Infrastructure, SCADA, Process Control, and other applications, but he did not have the $2.5 Million in order to turn his discrete component design into a embedded Hybrid/IC product for mass production, enabling cost reduction.

What if:  The NCoCC enabled a major redesign of the input section and other sections of the computer, which will enable . . . the safe visiting of Malware Infected web sites . . . the safe opening and sharing of Malware Infected emails . . . the safe watching of Malware Infected video streaming and can be used as . . . a safe input-output port for air-gap and closed loop enterprise systems.   

What if:   His redesign could prevent a malicious employee or an onsite hacker to inject a Malware into the computer by gaining access via a USB, CD or Wi-Fi.  He continued to claim that this long list of previously thought impossibilities was actually possible and had been proven in his lab and "did not need to use detection software, encryption, AI or analytics".  Still nobody believed it possible. 

What if:  He refused to hand over a large percentage of his company to a Vulture Capital company.  

What if:  He refused so he could have control over his company for the economic benefit of Canada and he wanted to provide this high a level of malware security for consumer, civic, industrial and military computers.  However, he was willing to share equity with the Canadian bank mentioned above, as there is an option for equity buyback.

What if:  That person did not take advantage of this opportunity for personal wealth, because he was a proud Canadian and refused to take this technology to other countries where the cost to manufacture was less and support was greater.  

What if:  He refused because Canada is his home.  His father loyally fought for Canada during WWII and now he is loyally fighting for Canada, during the Cyber Wars of 2020.

What if:  That person wanted to promote to the world that this level of Malware Security was Discovered, Developed, Manufactured and Supported by trusted and ethical Canadians.

What if:  That person had a strong marketing plan to internationally promote the benefit of dealing with Canadians and purchasing Canadian made products, including his own.

What if:  His marketing plan is to strongly feature Canadian internationally recognized icons, such as the polar bear and Moose.  To name each model based on various first nations words of respect and to show on each model the first nations script for those words, also to include the pronunciation for those first nations respect words, written in English and French and prominently displayed.

What if:  This discovery will result in a real and significant economic benefit for Canada.

What if:  His products had been on the market today and had been used to put a significant dent into the expected over $1 Trillion Dollars of damage, of which cyber attacks are forecasted to cost the economies of the world in 2020.  Attacks such as Ransomware, Information Theft, Trojan Horse, Intellectual property theft, Botnet attacks, attacks on Critical Infrastructure, Process Control, Voting Systems, our national security and the many other malicious ways which Malware costs us all.

What if:  If all the above was actually true and he could not get the support necessary to make it a reality.

The Fact is:  All the above is absolutely true and pertains to me.  I need help.

What if:   The person reading this article did nothing to help.

Safe Computing
Ralph Kachur

I cannot see tomorrow, only the now
I can only hope that what I do today,
will prepare me for tomorrows now.

Ralph Kachur,  September 3, 2019

February 25, 2020

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